Since 2019, a testing laboratory has been operating in the Letual Private Production and Trade Enterprise, which is accredited for technical competence in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2019 (ISO / IEC 17025: 2017, IDT) in the field of testing. The full scope of accreditation of the testing laboratory is presented in the register of the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Belarusian State Accreditation Center”.

The laboratory carries out quality control of veterinary drugs, pharmaceutical substances, insecticidal agents in accordance with the regulatory documentation approved in the prescribed manner, and also develops methods for testing products.

The testing laboratory of the Private Enterprise “Letual” provides services for testing veterinary drugs, pharmaceutical substances and insecticidal agents according to the following indicators:

  • the content of antibiotics, vitamins and other chemical compounds by HPLC, spectrophotometry, refractometry;
  • determination of mass, volume, density, indicator of concentration of hydrogen ions;
  • qualitative and quantitative determination of substances by titration.

The laboratory is staffed with a staff of highly qualified specialists who constantly improve their professional level by attending various seminars, refresher courses, trainings.

The testing laboratory of the Private Enterprise “Letual” systematically participates in international comparison tests (LGC Standards) with a stable positive result.

The laboratory is equipped with the necessary modern equipment (high-performance liquid chromatograph, spectrophotometer, refractometer, etc.) from the world’s leading manufacturers, which allows testing in the stated area with the required accuracy.

The testing laboratory of the Private Enterprise “Letual” guarantees:

  • objective and reliable information about controlled products;
  • impartiality and confidentiality during testing;
  • good professional practice and high quality testing.

You can clarify information on the tests carried out by calling +375 (44) 505-06-31 or by e-mail