The laboratory provides services for testing veterinary products and pharmaceutical substances based on physicochemical parameters:

  • Determination of antibiotic, vitamin, and other chemical compound contents using HPLC, spectrophotometry, refractometry.
  • Measurement of mass, volume, density, and hydrogen ion concentration.
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of substances using titration methods.

Regarding microbiological parameters:

  • Sterility testing.
  • Microbiological purity testing.
  • Identification of specific microorganisms.
  • Study of antimicrobial activity.

The testing laboratory of the Private Enterprise Letyal guarantees:

  • Objective and reliable information about the controlled products.
  • Impartiality and confidentiality during testing.
  • Ethical professional practice and high-quality testing.

The services offered are available at competitive prices.

You can inquire about the details of the tests by calling +375 (44) 505-06-31 or by emailing