The production is located on two sites:

  1. Village Derevnoye, Stolbtsovsky district, Minsk region, 222680, Republic of Belarus;
  2. Village Nivnoe, Stolbtsovsky district, Minsk region, 222685, Republic of Belarus.

The manufacturing is certified for compliance with the requirements of GOST R 52249-2009 “Rules for the organization of production and quality control of medicines (GMP Rules)” and ISO 9001.

The production areas are equipped with modern equipment from European manufacturers.

There are lines for the production of liquid (solutions and suspensions) and solid (powders for oral use) dosage forms.

At the sites, the production of both own products and products based on contract production is carried out according to the full technological cycle.

Our clients are Russian companies: Areal Bio, Ascont plus, TrionisVet and others.

Since 2021, a complex of “clean” premises has been put into operation at the production facilities of the enterprise, in which a technological line for the production of liquid sterile medicines for veterinary use operates. The capacity of the line is 2 500 000 – 3 000 000 bottles per year.