Training of Letyal and Biogel employees in GMP standards

State of Emergency Letual and PC Biogel have successfully completed a professional skills development program on the topic “Good manufacturing practice. GMP Basic Course”. The training was conducted by the leading auditor of management systems of the European Quality Organization (EOQ), the auditor of testing laboratories according to ISO 17025 standard and the head of the Vialek training center Alexandrov Alexander.

The aim of the program was to deepen the knowledge of employees in the field of good manufacturing practice (GMP), which plays a key role in ensuring a high level of product quality and safety.

Thanks to his many years of experience and expertise, Alexandrov Alexander provided the participants with valuable recommendations on the implementation and maintenance of quality management systems. Special attention was paid to the standardization of production, control and analytical processes in accordance with GMP requirements.

Employees of the State of emergency Letual and PC Biogel expressed gratitude for the opportunity to take such a meaningful and useful course, stressing that the knowledge and skills gained will be actively used to improve their professional activities and improve product quality.

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